My Journey to Become a Writer by Rituparna Ghosh

My journey – straight from the heart!


When I was asked to write about my journey of ‘how I became a writer’, I fell into deep contemplation. What can I write that’d be different? I mean the journey of an Engineer/Management graduate, leaving a cushy job and turning out to be a writer isn’t something new anymore. As we move through the 21st century, more and more people are coming out and following their heart to be a writer.

Resources, technology & media have made the journey immensely easy. All the material you want to research is just a few key clicks away on the internet. We are fortunate to live in a time where chasing dreams isn’t considered whimsical anymore. The definitions of successful careers are breaking and mindsets are changing. Considering all this my journey should’ve been fairly simple, only it wasn’t.

Why? Because I was hiding behind layers of prejudices, expectations, and…

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A new beginning and few updates!

Hello all! Its been a while. It is amazing, right? Sometimes there are so many things to write that one post a day is also not enough. Sometimes life takes a form of Business as usual and you feel 'Kya hi ho jaayega likhke?'   ( What will I achieve if I write?). That is the... Continue Reading →


  Hello, how are you doing? I want to introduce myself; I am your fear. I am the one occupying 60% of your thoughts on any given day. I am sure you recognise me from some of those sleepless nights reliving the safe decisions you made, or every time you chose the path well-travelled, or... Continue Reading →

Living in the moment :)

आनेवाला पल, जानेवाला है हो सके तो इस में जिन्दगी बिता दो पल जो ये जानेवाला है एक बार यूँ मिली, मासूम सी कली खिलते हुए कहाँ, खुशबाश मैं चली देखा तो यही है, ढूंढा तो नहीं है पल जो ये जानेवाला है एक बार वक्त से, लम्हा गिरा कही वहा दास्ताँ मिली, लम्हा कही... Continue Reading →

For the love of buttercup!

My son is three years old, well almost 4 in another 4 months. He has begun to say things like I missed you Mumma, or negotiate like 'If I get gingerbread man, I'll tidy up.' or give logic like, 'I can't use the grown-up potty because my ass is not  grown-up  yet!' The other day... Continue Reading →

The myth called Happily Ever After.

    Most of us have been raised with Fairy tales as bedtime stories, the shoe fits Cinderella, princess kissed the frog, prince rescued the princess, once upon a time and then they lived Happily Ever After.   I grew up curious. Spent the first part of my teens desperately trying to fit in, and... Continue Reading →

Super heroes

When you think about a superhero getting ready for confrontation, what comes to your mind? I bet it’s those blazing eyes, legs wide apart, hands on the hips, chest thrust forward getting ready to annihilate the opposition with a cock of their eyebrows or a mere flick of the wrist. Have you ever thought about... Continue Reading →


Translate dreams and turn them into happiness Take my smile and gather it in your arms. What would it be if laughter had a colour? White as a pious saint or maybe the colour of the water?   Amortised little by little, it is a repository A barrel full ready to unload Let giggles come... Continue Reading →

#B for BreakFree

hello all! I know I have most probably left the blog to die and guess no one even bothers checking back anymore. I swear I didn’t mean to, I never wanted to be the kind of women who found her happily ever after and ceased to be there anymore for anything else. I only have... Continue Reading →

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