Avoid NOVA center – Bellary rd Bangalore

This has been long pending and just wanted to pen my views so that no one has to go through  repeat of what happened to me. So as the regulars know me and dh have been ttc for last 4.5 years. After going through the rigamorale of clomid/iui we finally became candidates for ivf. On our first ivf we struck gold and fell pregnant only to loose the embryo at 6 weeks. Heartbroken we went to nova thinking a hospital specialised in infertility will help us pin point what went wrong. We were consulting dr aviva pinto there.. She and her junior doctor suneeta lobo listened to our history prescribed usual tests worth 10 k including amh and immediately started us on hysteroscopy and tb biopsy cost 30k we went through that thinking we are eliminating possible causes.. At this point of time this was unnecessary as we just had an ivf and any liasons would have been taken care during the  ER. Then comes the cycle the doctor prescribed foligraf and menodac same dosage as earlier,however my response to that was poor. Yet they made me continue to take the injections for 12 days. In my previous cycle the docs constantly monitored my E2 levels here she didn’t bother just kept doing scans earning money and telling me what a poor responder i am and that me being 33 and with AMH 2.16 should go for donor eggs. I was made to feel like a faliure, adding to that  most of the times doctor aviva was not even available and suneeta lobo did the scanning and she had little idea on what needed to be done. I took a total of 30 injections whch were a total waste and could have been avoided

Coming to pharmacy the medicines are not available from out side and the pharmacy opens at whatever time suits the incharge the nurses have no idea whats going on. I have read that for an ivf response its inportant that the gap between injections shudn’t be more that 25-26 hrs yet here i was made to wait till whatever time suits the pharmacist. I spend 50000 on injections, got screamed by doctor twice and made to feel inadequate at every stage. As if its my fault that i am not responding. I was traumatized so much so that i almost gave up on my ttc journey. All the time the doc kept trying to push me towards donor eggs the next cycle. I would request every one to avoid Nova in blr, if u have to go there avoid Dr Aviva Pinto

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