IVF #2, Pregnancy woes


I have heard fairly regularly and known it all along that pregnancy after infertility can be tough.. But this anxiety is just killing. I have continued to bleed on and off this week. Post the sunday debacle I bled and passed few clots on wednesday and then passed a big one last night. I had a scan done yest morning and baby ritzes are doing fine . They are growing right on measure with nice heartbeats but the bright blood just freaks the hell out of me. I have panic consulted dr ritz and my new OB and both of them assured me it is something called as subchronic haemotoma and nothing to worry about as long as i am not bleeding mad. Apprently All i need is a slowed down life without fancy travel or  too much work  and this will  sort itself out not even bed rest is required.. But i have been fretting and worrying every moment and cant seem to get out of this anxiety. I have read on the net and as usual there have been both rainbow stories and morbid ones. I know baby ritzes are working hard in there .. And i shud just relax and lay back.. But some how this feeling of absolute dread is not going away. This week i wanted to spend time blogging and letting the blog world know about my transfer story (its a hilarious one) and my bfp story .. But between morning sickness and this i have been pretty bummed! I pray and hope this sub chronic nonsense just solves itself and baby ritzes can feel what a cool girl mommy ritz is 🙂


2 thoughts on “Anxious”

  1. Hey , blues from babycenter here.. came here after a long time hoping for good news n thr i find it! congrats!! that too twins..god is compensating for all these yrs! 🙂
    read a lot of ur posts since its been long.. cud hav passed only after reading but stopped to comment only to say that please take it easy in this preg.. even if ur docs tell u subchorionic hematoma is no big deal, still take all precautions.. it wont hurt u if u dont have an ‘active pregnancy’ . u shud instead take rest ..just take it easy these 9 months.. i have had a loss due to SCH in 9th week of preg when everything else was perfectly fine.. resting it the key i wud say.. so hang on n do that..
    wishing u happy n healthy preg!! may u have ur babies ‘m’ n ‘j’ playing in ur arms soon!

    1. Hey blues… Long time.. I am ao sorry to read about your loss. I am taking it very easy. Absolutely no work just lying down and spending evenings on sofa. Have a scan on wednesday hopefully sch would have gone by then. But yeah i will hang myself upside down if thats what it takes .. I just hope this is it and i get my take home babies

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