Angel Baby #3, IVF #2, Vanishing twins


Thank you so much people for reaching out to support me for my last few posts. I am over whelmed and i pray baby m is peaceful where ever he is. We chose to name him mahi after Mahendra  Singh Dhoni. The name will resonate with those who love and follow international cricket.He is one of the best captain india has seen in a long time and he will be unequalled in many years to come. Me and MR are huge cricket fans and absolutely crazy about msd so we had decided we will call our twin 1 as mahi which is his nick name. I have had a long journey for something most of us take for granted. I have mentioned before i have had a unkind childhood and my relation with my parents are cordial at its best. I am not really close to them. Having a baby is my way of putting things right for myself and giving my child the childhood i never had. Sorry i digress as i was saying it took us close to 5 years and countless days of tears trauma and disappointment to finally reach the stage we are in. So loosing one of them has been incredibly hard. I guess in a nut shell what i am trying to say is i am attempting to write this post to let mahi go and to hope he decides to come back to us as a later in life.. May be he has gone to make life beautiful for someone who deserves him more. Dear Mahi, If u had let mamma she wud have loved u and held u close to her forever.. So long dear farewell.. It is good bye atleast for now  You will be missed forever..  Lots of love Mommy 


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