The art of Babywearing

Just dropping in for a quick post. Neel has crossed 3kgs !!!! yay!!

For the initial days i was pretty restricted with the new born, he was so small plus my father is around so i was stuck in our bedroom during feed times. Since i was recuperating from a cesarean plus infants love to sleep non feed times meant neel was either sleeping in his cot or was with mum and dad.

Now that my bubba is growing up, he is starting to spend some more time awake and with mum going away to a family wedding i need to take care of him and yet have my hands free to do small household chores. Also i have been told time and again that the proximity to momma will take away any PTSD neel and i suffered due to his early arrival.

Solution? i have decided to wear neel around the house for couple of hours. I have ordered this wrap for his initial days till we move to a baby carrier


For anyone else who is interested to know all about wraps and the kinda wraps that they find the best, there is plenty of literature available online but i found this post to be the most comprehensive


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