If your conscience could speak?

Who am I?

Am I more than what meets your eye?

I could be the lie you told,

Or the deep secret that you hold.

I am the resolution you made,

The meetings you forbade.

I am your sin, I am your saint,  

The canvas you want to paint?

I am the resistance to your change,

The throbbing heart you estrange.

I am the destination that you never reached,

The practice that you never preached..

I am the need, you do not want,

The request that you cannot grant.

I am the hook and your crook,

Your one and only dark nook.

I am the hurt that you carry  

The desolation that made you wary…

I am the faraway memory, 

Your once upon a time story..

 I am your soul that is cursed

The verse that spells Satan reversed

Who I am? Who am I ?

Am I more than what meets the eye?


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