A new beginning and few updates!

Hello all!

Its been a while. It is amazing, right? Sometimes there are so many things to write that one post a day is also not enough. Sometimes life takes a form of Business as usual and you feel ‘Kya hi ho jaayega likhke?’   ( What will I achieve if I write?). That is the drawback of putting your thoughts on the evil net of the World Wide Web, it comes with its own expectation, its own judgment, and its own fallacies.  The biggest one and which is an example encompassing all three is ‘ writing for others.’

This is my blog, after all, a place for my ideas and my thoughts why in the world would I let go of a space where I can be quintessentially me. Anyways I digress, how are you all? What has been happening?

Lots at my end,

#Babyritz is now four years old and he is exactly a mini-me in temperament and a mini #Manritz in looks. Loves to talk, talks 19 a dozen all the time. The other day his father was getting him to brush, and accidentally called him stupid when he dropped some toothpaste on his t-shirt. I caught him telling his father, ‘Do not say stupid! it is a very bad word.’  then a pause, ‘ Only Mumma can say stupid, sometimes I trouble her na. She can even call you stupid because you trouble him. ‘  Methinks he would be a lawyer or a politician if only he could let go of his obsession with London buses.

#We have almost completed three years in the United Kingdom. Its been a crazy journey, I had never imagined traveling to the UK let alone living in it!  Yet here I am writing from Reading after surviving postpartum depression, writing a novel and studying to be a life coach!

#labellesslifecoach You all know, how much I hate labels of any sort! And how much I love love love helping people! It was really a toss-up between being a bartender and listening to people’s grievances while fixing them yummy cocktails or a life coach – going about it in a very sophisticated manner.

#Yesss you heard it right! I WROTE A NOVEL! a heartwarming story of regular imperfect people called Unloved in Love! I spent the last two months promoting the book like crazy! and I loved every minute of it! who would have thought I would ever write a book and that people will love it! yay!!! Its a story about three characters and their journey as they search for life truths and make their choices. If you want to see the book, it’s available in Amazon across all the geographies and leading book stores in India! Pick it up and you won’t regret it! Here is a snap of mine during book signing!

#unlovedinlove #myfirstnovel #goodreads #notjustalovestory #perfectweekendread #thestoryofimperfectpeople #kolkatalaunch

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-24 at 16.18.52

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