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  1. Hi…I actually came across your profile (and blog through your profile) on BC…couldn’t reach you there as it said you were not open to messages. So thought I will drop my message here. Honestly reading your blog was watching my life as a DVD [reminds me of the soap “Unforgettable” :)] From Bangalore…2 yrs older…and your 4th and my 3rd failed IUI coincided. Weight wise I can say we were the same…I am still at 79 and was never skinny or underweight. Kudos to you on your weight loss. I am planning to move on to IVF as well. I just wanted to know your doc if you don’t mind. Dont really know of people who have had successful IVFs. I mean even if they have its been a well guarded secret so not too sure.

    Take care and good luck.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for reading, I feel supported that you took time out and read my blog.

      All the best for your IVF, i consult Sumanna Gurunath in Cloud nine malleswaram. Just a note of advice, the weight loss is not difficult once you get to it. So Start small and keep at it. Just try to be under BMI of 27

      1. Thank you so much.

        Damn…my BMI is 32 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I have a long way to go…12 kgs and age is a factor that’s killing me. Loved today’s post ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck ! Will see what I can do about my weight !

        Fingers crossed and prayers for you.

        Take care.

      2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Dont loose hope, They ask you to loose weight, because it will lead to difficult pregnancy other wise. When do you start with IVF? Which doctor are you consulting?

  2. Haven’t started yet. Oct 16th had my 3rd failed IUI. Had 2 at Fortis earlier and this one tried with a different gynaec. She doesnt do IVF only IUIs. Meeting her tomorrow. She is Dr. Sumana’s friend though. I am put up in HSR so was thinking of someone close by. Planning to check out some docs in the vicinity. I was planning to be done with end of this year and put a closure. I even mailed the Ahmedabad clinic ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure what I want. Secretly wishing to get a BFP while I am busy gathering info on the IVF ๐Ÿ˜› I had a chemical last year in May when we weren’t seriously trying as everybody had drilled into my head that I would not conceive due to my weight. I had a BFP 10 days after my AF had arrived with a good beta count…whatever made me test it…and since then I have been not able to call it quits…! Every year I set deadlines…and extend..! Unable to trust my docs. Do you have an email id I can reach at …my ramblings in the comments just are way too long.

  3. Hi..i enjoyed reading your blog. I am new to bangalore and have been recommended ivf to conceive. I am consulting dr. sumana but malleswaram is a bit far off from where i live. did you conceive with her treatment? can you recommend her? Presently i am consulting another dr at sahakarnagar but not 100% happy with it. I am unable to decide whether i should seek convenience over satisfaction! if i can get any positive feedback from real people i can decide. so could you please help me by sharing your story? sorry for the trouble.

    1. Hey
      radhiven… With Sumanna’s treatment i conceived but unfortunately miscarried junior in 6 weeks. While medically her treatment was good as we concieved. I was disappointed at her after we realised that the embryo might not stick with low betas .. she refused to take any responsibility and gave up on my pregnancy. We were heartbroken considering this was our first one but we found her very cold. Having said that she is a compettent doctor. I would suggest you go for comfort over convinience. It is important that the doc does not judge u or is able to sooth ur anxiety IVF is a huge step last you need is your doctor not being upto the mark!

  4. Hey.. I can feel every pain you went through.. Even I am put up in Bangalore and consulting Dr. Sumana Gurunath.. DH is perfect and I had Bilateral Tubal block and was operated (Laparoscopy) over a year ago but din’t conceive even after unblocking the left tube. I was impatient so we moved on to IVF. I was slightly over stimulated and they retrieved 26 eggs out of which only 10 were mature, 6 were fertilized. I had one embryo transfer in the frozen cycle but dint stick on. Another embryo transfer in the natural FET cycle again BFN..Both embryos looked perfect but din’t implant. Then in the next cycle, they thawed the rest of the embryos and decided to grow to blastocyst stage but none of them grew after 3 days.. She could not diagnose the problem and asked my hubby for DNA fragmentation test and the results came out to be Excellent DNA integrity. We are in total mess to pinpoint the problem. But she is little suspicious of my slightly over stimulated drugs which might have interfered..Still not sure. I am in dilemma whether to switch the Doc or give an another try for IVF under her. I went through your blog so You are the better friend to advise me..Pls!!

    1. Hey dimpy.. I think its better to give her another chance. See my biggest issue with her is that she is cold.. Not rude like drs in nova but slightly aloof.. which is not the case with dr rita billiangady. But she knows her stuff.. Since u have history with her i think its a fair plan to give her another chance but take charge if ur cycle.. Double check on the dose and read up as much as u can.. So that u don’t get overstimmed… All the best

  5. Hi I’m consulting dr sumana since a year n ivf n fresh cycle embryo transfer which was nt successful. Then 2 months later I had FET where in I got pregnant but that lasted only for 6 week later there was no growth n heart beat stopped. Now I hav to go for Ivf second attempt. So I’m now confused after reading all ur comments here whether I hav to continue with her or I hav to another doctor. I hope I’ll get a better response to my confusion here. TIA

    1. Hey Bhavya.. do u have any more embryos left? If not I would suggest please please do a detailed study on what didn’t work the previous cycle.. my only concern with sumana was she never shared the protocol or what worked or didn’t work. I was also not much aware and didn’t question much. But when I lost junior He was my first baby.. till him I never saw two pink lines I was heart broken I expected some explanation which I did not get.. added to that we moved houses so found dr reeta to be more receptive

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