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We are surviving!!!!

Its almost a year and yeah its been every bit as mad as they promise in all the blogs and adverts. Every passing month you think omg this month was hard how bad ass we are to cross that only to be faced by a new challenge in the next month. Parenting is difficult especially if you choose the earth mother route. The breast feeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing and above no sleep training kinds. Which means my days are as unstructured as they were ever since baby ritz started to no sleep .. Some days are good where we get 2 naps  and early bed time and some days we have no naps and no bed time.

But my baby has grown leaps and bounds in these months, from a mere 2.17 kgs (4.7lbs) we have almost qudrapled our birthweight and weigh about 8.6 kgs now almost 19lbs , we can crawl and pull ourself to stand now. We have also started walking sideways and started to point out things! Anyways more on that later gtg.

Just dropped in to say hi and that we are surving!




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Typical Morning

Me:Good morning Neelu

Neel: aggooooo

Me: are u hungry

Neel: ungaaaa

Me: Ok lets feed u

1 hr later

Me: Are u still hungry

neel: (after a smile) ungaaaa

1 hr later

me: Are u hungry

Neel: *Silence*

Me: Shall we Sleep

Neel: scream fist fight scream

Me: Enough sleep time cue begin rocking/patting

Neel: more screams

Me: sleep na baby

Neel: getting tired, now whimpering

Me: good boy

Neel: Ungaaaa

Me: Okie hungry again? here (offering boob)

Neel: drinking noisily as if hungry from decades

repeat loop 5 times

me: Done?, now can v sleep

Neel: *silence* looking around

me: sleep off neel

Neel: nananananna

Me: okie let me help u begin rocking/patting/singing

Neel: hmmm eyes drowsy

Me: I love u

Neel: aooooooo(almost as if saying I love u too)



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30 down 10 more to go


We are back and we are happy :). Mommy had a scan done last friday and baby ritz is doing fine and gaining weight. Infact the baby measures ahead by 3 days. The doc was also very happy with her progress and has asked me to stop the vaginal susten. I am still to be on the injection for next 2 weeks post that the injection stops too ūüôā

As i write this post i have been pregnant for 215 days and have 65 days to go, baby ritz has been declared as viable by doctor i.e if she is to be born tomorrow , baby ritz will survive albeit with medical help.Dont get me wrong, i do not want baby ritz early i would rather she comes around her due date, but its a big relief to hear the doc say that. It feels like a milestone crossed and helps me be more positive

Talking about milestones, my blog crossed 5000 hits!!!! Yeah baby. I have had this blog for 3 years. I had essentially wanted a place to collect my thoughts and write whats on my mind, knowingly or unknowingly it became a rant of my infertility followed by detailed  treatment plan and now  a place where i celebrate my turning the corner to hopefully something better..

Till then cheers to baby ritz !  and baby blog!

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Nesting ?????

Off late I am having this weird aversion to dust or scatteredness or dirt in my house. I have no idea what to call this sudden urge to clean everything except nesting. Though according to norm nesting only appears in late second trimester or third trimester and definitely not this early. To my defense i ¬†think it is a different form of nesting, like getting my house ready and clean before my mom comes to stay with us because if i don’t do it now then i will have to fall according to her wishes which ofcourse will lead to lot of discord and unpleasantness. So over the last few weeks i have managed to clean out an entire cupboard full of sarees and dumped them in the loft over head so that bay ritz’s grandparents can have enough place to keep their regular cloths as well as winter wear since they will be frequenting now to our place. I cleaned out a part of MR’s cupboard so that we can decide to keep baby clothes and baby things once she is out. I got all the nook and cranny of the house cleaned of any dust and fur that pista has left. This is an on going process of course and have to go for it monthly till i am 35 weeks and then ofcourse every week so that we are relatively dust free.

The place of our residence is a huge upcoming area in bangalore as a result of which there are massive constructions happening all around us. As a result the house is forever covered in dust and i cannot leave any window open w/o developing a migraine by end of the day. The only good part is all the plots around us are covered and by the time baby ritz decides to come we will be ready!!!

Pregnancy wise I am doing ok. Relatively better than few weeks ago. A baby center friend of mine has very kindly loaned us her doppler and i have been shameless using it every day w/o break sometimes even twice a day just to hear jammy galloping away. The weeks are passing slow despite my sudden burst of organising. Actually this has been a double edged sword, while 16th week of my pregnancy i spent jumping up and down and getting the house organised. 17th week was going in self doubt of whether i did too much a lower tummy ache didnt help.It had been almost 4 weeks since my NT scan and even though i heard heartbeat daily i still kept thinking about all the possibilities that could go wrong. So to cut a long story short around 16 wks 4 days i worked my self up and convinced me that something was wrong. Result we rush for a scan and unscheduled gynec appointment. Thank god for india and its medical structure i could get done both the same day a. Baby rit was absolutely fine in the scan, we could infact see different parts of her anatomy like brain, stomach, kidney, bladder and spine  . The radiologist almost did like a dry run to anamoly scan of 20th week and the gyane also said lower tummy cramps are to be expected because of uterus stretching. Baby was measuring ahead by 2days and measuring 6 ounces!!!

We go in again in 3 weeks for final anatomy scan which ofourse still freaks me out, but the intermittent scan has helped. I am seriously tempted to request my gyanec for a scan every 4 weeks as it will be important for my sanctity. Symptoms wise any symptoms of pregnancy has more or less disappeared except the ocassional gastric pains and heartburn. I am still on progesterone so my boobs continue to be tender. The thing that has increased is mood swings, i am on progesterone shots twice a week and the nurse at the clinic messed up my shots and i ended bleeding and having a wound which led to another meltdown and i kept crying for 2-3 days on that because i was in pain with my ass swollen unable to rest or sleep. Leaving that aside i have been tearing up or getting angry for smallest of reasons!!! thankfully none of the wrath has been directed at MR atleast not too much! but MR has asked me to strictly keep away from all the forums which have likely chances of fools posting on them. He also asked me to refrain from being ‘ supportive’ on whats app in the groups. Any conversation with parent units to be restricted for not more than 10 mins.

Both of us are amazed that we are almost 17 weeks pregnant yet wonder how is t possible that we still have 23 more weeks to go! time is passing at a really slow pace.


false positive and hcg trigger shot!

Hcg/ovitrell/trigger shots are both bane and boon in the life of infertile. If you are on follicular monitoring/iuis or ivf and do not have ohss then hcg shots are the best way to ensure those follicles rupture and be ready for fertilizing. However on dowside the shot means ur body will have hcg coursing thru your veins. For infertiles there is nothing more heartbreaking than false positive! And for infertiles who are poas maniac there are no words to explain the magic of seeing 2 lines only to be immediately replaced by worry what if its a trigger! I cant tell u many stories about me because i am one of the lucky ones to never catch a false positive! But i have read forums of distressing stories and my heart goes out to them.

So i did take help of dr google and turns out there is a logic to when hcg shot leaves ur system!!!!!

There are 3 kinds of shots that are available and used by doctors. 10000iu, 5000iu and 2500 iu, according to Dr google hcg halves itself every 28 hours. So if u took 10000iu it will take 14 days to leave ur system, 5000iu will take 10 days and 2500 iu 7 days to leave ur system.  You can read more in the below link http://www.babyhopes.com/articles/hcgshot.html


Waiting waiting waiting…


yes yes i know impatience never got anybody anywhere… I just wish that i didnt have to wait for this long!!! i think i left my job too soon then i would have been occupied. Well actually no, i planned it all to the tee ¬†dec and jan we would be busy what with weddings in family, Feb we will get a month to relax settle down and then yuppie!!! by march the cycle will start! Except man proposes and God has a laugh..

My chums are possessed, i can have no other explanation for that! like they have a will and their will is stronger than the wills of all gods put together! I am spotting today – I hate the world in between periods its either yes periods or no periods get over the spotting all ready!