#B for BreakFree

hello all! I know I have most probably left the blog to die and guess no one even bothers checking back anymore. I swear I didn’t mean to, I never wanted to be the kind of women who found her happily ever after and ceased to be there anymore for anything else. I only have... Continue Reading →

Attempting to get us back alive

So yes i know most probably i have lost allmy regular followers... and this blog is not going in to any direction. Motherhood is hard and especially its been very life consuming for me, I guess there is a lot of difference between imagining parent hood and actually being caught in middle of one.  To... Continue Reading →

The second one???

Baby Ritz is 6 months! Thankfully his sleep has settled down a little and he has been sleeping in the night with two or less feed breaks.. though baby Ritz has cold and is being nebulized 4 times a day and we have been co-sleeping so I really dunno if that has affected his sleep... Continue Reading →

My elder is sick :(

Pista has a fever :((. Yesterday after his morning walk he was looking a little tired, he didnt even eat the semi solids man ritz kept for him. I thought may be its the heat, yesterday was a tough day with baby ritz refusing to nap at all so i was just consumed in that... Continue Reading →

The darkside of motherhood

So yes.. this is one of those posts which can make u possibly hate me. I have been debating about writing this post for a long time but since this is the only place where i can write any truth well so be it. I would totally understand if u unfollow me after this or... Continue Reading →

Day 54 of Life ..

Today babyritz is celebrating day 54 of his life, that is how the docs in NICU measure my little bean once he was out in terms of days. All his report read day 7 of life these tests were done, he weighed so and so at day 10 of life. Initially when we got baby... Continue Reading →

Its December!!!

Yup its December and in another month and half my life will change forever. Its funny how  every december for last 4 years i have been wondering and dreading spending another christmas child less and depressed https://randomeraccessmemory.wordpress.com/2014/12/22/auld-lang-syne/ https://randomeraccessmemory.wordpress.com/2013/12/25/another-year-another-christmas/ and finally there comes a december where I am pregnant!!! and i will have a beautiful baby... Continue Reading →

Just about there ..

hello all, i know i have been away but last few days have been busy, it always s when parents are in town.My mum are a family of seven siblings and my dad a family of 4. So i have close to 50 people who form immediate family and something or the other keeps happening... Continue Reading →


Warning: this is a vent post.. Yeah so i am having a horrible day.. Like i want to scream at the world bad day. It began in the morning with mom getting on my nerves .. I like slow start to the day. Everyone who knows me knows i am muderous till i have had... Continue Reading →

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