BFP, IVF #2, Rising Betas

the beta hcg maze..

I am fairly educated by indian standards. Typically bengali parents are maniacs in terms of their children’s education. I have a bachelor of engineering degree and a masters in business administration add to that 12 years of education in schools which have decent high standards. So pressure to perform has always been high for us. However out of the multiple thousands of exams i gave unit tests, quaterlies, half yearlies and finals have never faced the stress waiting for results of any of them as much as i worried about getting beta hcg done. I am not exaggerating when i say this rising betas are the best results u will get in your entire life time. I know it sounds ridiculous but nothing gives an infertile more peace than knowing the little beans inside you are growing nicely not even world peace 🙂

Its been a nerve wrecking week.. After i got my bfp to actually believe that i am indeed pregnant. The tiny embies inside me have been supportive. We have made demands on them again and again and they have been screaming mommy here we are!

So my beta story

8dp3dt – 53.91

11dp3dt – 240

13dp3dt – 524.86

15dp3dt – 1193.20

We are finally done with last beta. 1193.20 was the highest beta we reached in any of our pregnancies so thank you embies.  No we are waiting for scan. I am just hoping we see our beans and they are doing all right … That would be a first as well ..

Grow babies.. Stick and grow 🙂