Baby Ritz is here ..

We were blessed with a baby boy on 18th Dec. Baby Ritz decided to prove mumma’s fears right and decided to surprise mamma by coming early at 34 weeks. Guess he wanted to be around fir christmas and new years!. Because he was preterm we had to spend a week in nicu.Right now both of us are doing fine and learning to understand each other..will share the grey’s anatomy version of birth story later.. Happy new year blog world.. Indeed the ritzes had tBest new year till date 😉


#Bisforbeginning – My birth story

I had always wanted to pen down the day and the way babyritz entered into our lives. I thought i will ofcourse never forget the day, who forgets the day u have your first child? definitely not me whose elephantine memory is famous around?

Looks like i overestimated my pregnancy brains and off late i am beggining to get hazy around the edges while reminiscing about Dec 18th 2015, yup thats the day our lives changed for ever, when babyritz decided to come in early six weeks early to be precise and surprise us! Here is the birth story

After 32nd week of pregnancy, my anxiety started growing i wanted the house to be ready, the stuff to be bought and clothes to be washed. I wanted it all set before mom arrives because i didnt want any discussion on why this and why that. Stress levels were high and my bp shot up at 33rd week! it went high upto 140/110 thats when my gynaec decided to admit me. I hated the hospital from the word go, t was a tiny room where my parents were not allowed in, the ac was switched off w/o notice and godforsaken many problems.. anyways i digress so after being hospitalized for 3 days the gyanec deemed me stable and discharged me, with instruction of getting an NST done every week.

I was back home on Sunday Dec 13th, trying to keep my self stress free and waiting for my 4D scan to happen on 21st Dec. We were excited because it was last few weeks and my friends wanted to throw me a baby shower. I got an NST done at was normal so really there was no need to get another one!


They say when something is destined to happen, all things work its way towards it! It was any other day and I was anxious because my little one was super active that day. From the beginning of pregnancy ever since i began to feel movements, babyritz never kicked me properly he always kind of stretched inside as if waking up after a nice slumber. As a result it seems as if my tummy always had waves. That day i felt him move and kick, so i asked manritz can we please go for another NST today?  Poor darling ofcourse agreed , it was his responsibility to keep my BP in order remember? So off we went to get the test done. It was a friday evening white field was buzzing with traffic, people returning early from work, people getting into the weekend mode, people well just stepping out to catch remaining if what was a sunny day! We reach the hospital around 345, as soon as we reach i begin to get hungry! The nurse on duty say please go and eat something else the NST will not come normal! We go and hog a cup of chai and cheese sandwich (babyritz loved cheese sandwich) after some chitchat we come back and manritz go to collect the container for Urine ( i needed to get an protien albumin test as well) I lie down and the nurse starts putting probes on my tummy. She puts them on my lower tummy and i tell her my baby is high up, she is like its 34 weeks ur baby would have turned down. I keep telling her i can feel kicks in my lower belly but she disregards. She is unable to fix the prob, the fetal heartbeat is fluctuating on the monitor. Result panic! we call the on duty OB, sho is trying to fix the prob but something is wrong and the heartbeat keeps fluctuating! Result more panic and my bp shoots up to 165 and 110! We place an emergency call to my ob gyn who is at a hospital 1 hour away, she immediately recommends delivery considering fetus is supposedly in distress.. but.. the hospital does not have facility to deliver and hence they are taking me to the hospital 1 hour away in ambulance on a friday night, in peak traffic of bangalore, india a city which is known to be worst for its traffic woes!

We as parents had no choice, truth be told we did not even ask for a choice. Considering the hell we went through to get this baby on board, we just wanted once out come of this pregnancy we wanted our baby alive, even if it meant delivering in 34 weeks only. So off we went to the hospital in an ambulace, with siren blaring, on opposite side of the road. I was lying down with a heard prob on my tummy and the doc on duty freaking out every minute!. My Ob gyn was on  call with her and directing her all through. We reached the hopsital by 6:15, and had a complete Grey’s Anatomy experience. My doc had the gunnery ready, i was immediately transported on that and wheeled to the operation theater. On the way we had signed all the operation related forms, all the time i kept asking where is my husband and my doc was like u chill everything will be fine. I changed into a hospital gown on my way to the OT in full public view, no time to be modest u see ? We reach OT and the doc is asking for my file and my stats, i am rattling them off like the duty doc 🙂 BP 165/110, sugar 98 .. Till my doc is like will u chill. Then i start talking to my anesthetist who is supposed to address the anesthesia, I keep telling him i have scoliosis, he still makes a mistake puts the needle in a wrong place to hit a bone! we again try and he says soon you will get numb and will not be able to feel anything..  And i hear docs talking saying we will have to cut now and making the cut.. I can feel every bit of it!! its like a far away pain but sensation is still there..


By the time i complaint to the anesthetist that I am not numbed yet, i hear a cry and the doc says its a boy!!! I am so so disappointed because i was convinced that we are carrying a girl! Before i react the doc has already handed the baby to the pediatrician and he has been checked for all the stats. His APGAR score is less and birth weight is just 2.17kgs so off he goes to NICU. Just after the birth Man ritz walks in and sees the baby, he also sees my obgyn gleefully delivering the placenta! and freaks out…

In hindsight i should have asked for a breast crawl, i should have insisted on seeing the baby. I didnt know!!!  i was kept in recovery for few hours till i was wheeled out  i had no idea what to expect next there was no birth plan that we had, no plan for what to do if baby is in NICU. Thank fully i started lactating before 33rd week and hence we had no problem in getting the colostrum to babyritz, i hand expressed and gave it to him.. he went on 2 feeds of formula first 36 hours and then onwards he has been on breast milk


From hyperventilating to hyper tension …

Yup u guys read it right, i have added another woe to my pregnancy worry and thats called PIH, pregnancy induced hypertension.

I still have no idea as to why my BP was high except i am unable to sleep well. My anxieties are ranging from getting baby ritz in the house safely vs whether we will be ok with having a child amongst us all the time.  Also along with that i have been facing a bunch of family problems with my parents coming in and i had not been in a happy place over all. To cut a long story short, on friday i get my BP checked at a local clinic and suddenly it showed a value of 160/114. Needless to say i freaked out and rested for a bit only that the BP value that was returned was 140/100. We were debating about what to do and came home to check bubba’s Hb on doppler only to find it a little irratic infact since bubba was moving plenty we though we heard a crazy amount of up and down in the HB.

Queue panic and we rushed to ER, there my BP continued to be high through the first day and infact at a point in the night it reached 170/100, not to mention i was terribly difficult patient because the staff at the hospital was a big klutz.. that didnt help me getting my bp down. Anyways thankfully my BP was in control after the first day and all my other parameters were OK and no protein in my urine so the doc was nice enough to send me home.

I am still scared and hope that another 4 weeks passes smoothly so tat i can deliver a healthy baby w/o my bp shooting outta control. Thankfully baby ritz is doing well and currently weights 2.064gms +- 200 gms. But this episode has shaken me and i am trying to take things easy.. and the countdown which had just sped up in last couple of weeks have gone back to  being slow ..

So trying to calm myself and stay outta trouble, baby please listen to momma and stay put ok? Momma will also try and be good girl .. Pista is also  helping mommy be all calm 🙂

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30 down 10 more to go


We are back and we are happy :). Mommy had a scan done last friday and baby ritz is doing fine and gaining weight. Infact the baby measures ahead by 3 days. The doc was also very happy with her progress and has asked me to stop the vaginal susten. I am still to be on the injection for next 2 weeks post that the injection stops too 🙂

As i write this post i have been pregnant for 215 days and have 65 days to go, baby ritz has been declared as viable by doctor i.e if she is to be born tomorrow , baby ritz will survive albeit with medical help.Dont get me wrong, i do not want baby ritz early i would rather she comes around her due date, but its a big relief to hear the doc say that. It feels like a milestone crossed and helps me be more positive

Talking about milestones, my blog crossed 5000 hits!!!! Yeah baby. I have had this blog for 3 years. I had essentially wanted a place to collect my thoughts and write whats on my mind, knowingly or unknowingly it became a rant of my infertility followed by detailed  treatment plan and now  a place where i celebrate my turning the corner to hopefully something better..

Till then cheers to baby ritz !  and baby blog!


Of anomaly scans, half way mark and jujus

We have crossed the halfway mark in this pregnancy. As i write this i am 21weeks pregnant ( well almost) and yes its a relief to finally have the count down in weeks teens than have like in thirties and twenties..

We had our anamoly scan last week and thankfully after a real long day the radiologist as well as the doc said everything looks ok with baby ritz. In india knowing the gender of baby is illegal so as of now we are praying and hoping its a gurl.. But have a sneaky feeling it just might be a sweet cute little boy 😉

So during the ultra sound we kept refering to baby ritz as she like she is waving, she is moving etc. So after a point the radiologist said every thing looks good with her or him! With extra emphasis on him!!!! Both me and mr believe that she was preparing us for inevitable! Whoever it is we have one hell of a stubborn baby. The radiologist had to scan me 4 times before she could declare baby ritz all ok!!! Why u ask? Because baby ritz was refusing to show herself properly.. She would just swing and go into hiding her face and her heart! We went in at 9 in morning and by the time we got done and left it was 5:30 in evening! The day involved eating tonnes of sweet stuff and food to make sure baby shakes and moves but dare any one tell baby ritz whats to be done!!

It was a bit satisfying to know things are ok in there but due to difficulty of scan as along with stubborn baby i have anterior placenta and loads of pcod thick fat i have been asked for another anomaly scan called as late anomaly in23rd week and a  fetal echo as well. As is my nature i am freaking out.. But i am learning to curb the panic and take it one day at a time and i am starting to slowly believe..

Talkin about whichI have been meaning to write a post for long but some how have not gotten down to write … I have off late started believing in superstitions and some jujus which  i scoffed about earlier.. I am not sure if they do anything but it certainly causes me some peace of mind..,i have over the last 20 weeks stocked a bunch of them some way weird than others. I know my readers willl love to know some but alas i feel scared that disclosing some jujus may stop them from working! Ok just one i  only wear lucky clothes to scans so now the radiologist might think that i own only one pair!


18week 3days and the first kick

I have been feeling tiny twitches and occasional sharp nudges for the last 10 days. I know baby ritz is moving around plenty when i hear her with the doppler because i seem to find her at a different place every day. Also when we try to find the hb she moves away from the probe by kicking it ( which just feels someone brushing against me) . however today we were siting down for breakfast and i was reading a fellow ivfers blog when baby ritz decided its time to give mommy one strong hard kick! It was so hard that it shook my tummy!!!  I am still in shock and have been looking at the area suspiciously all through the day because i just cant believe it!! I am sure as the day progresses i will convince myself that this was just a dream.. 🙂 but yeah the feeling is heavenly  cant wait to feel it again!


When life pulls you down.. get a haircut!

i know funny title right!!!!! I have been really really down for the last couple of days. As you may have read in my earlier post my TSH levels are high, along with that i have an eye infection in my right eye and its really really RED. I have been having sleepless nights, getting up with weird dreams i think its to do with the fact that we have just crossed the one year mark of loosing junior. Man Ritz is stressed out as well, what with his sudden travel plan so all in all its not a great time.

On top of it i have reading a bunch of stuff online( Dr Google) and there are like way too many things that i need to do if i want a successful IVF. I should be on prenatals, I should be on low GI diet. i should eat right and get a BMI under 25 ( I am currently barely at 29) do acupuncture and be stress free. i am just pissed at everything, i have been working my ass of in the gym but the weight loss is not as good as i would want it to be rather the weight loss is barely there. My guess is this is because i have stopped metformin which is the medicine for PCOD and my insulin resistance is acting up.

Another thing is i cannot diet to save my life, i have been foodie my whole life and love to hog. I try to be healthy most of the days but let to atleast twice a week. i know i should diet and be healthy and stay healthy but this is just not me. I want to live a guilt free life! like not feel guilty and kill myself if i do not work out one day or end up having really oily snacks!!!! baaaaah

Anyhow, coming to other updates and the title for this post. I met my endocrinologist today,  he has upped my thyroid dosage to 37.5mg and he as grumbling on my RE about not continuing with metformin but said to follow RE ( he also said that not being on metformin increases chances of Miscarriages which just made me break into a cold sweat) I am going to meet my RE next Friday when i will be 3 days away in completing my BC pills, to discuss protocols, likely timeline and other things. I will mention this definitely . Lately due to birth control i have been feeling bloated, and my face as broken out (could be heat added to that)  so i thought its spa time. I spent Rs. 5000 on a facial and a full arm wax which led me to feel more bla on the money  spent  ( we are saving up for infertility treatments)and i continued to feel down.. till today!!! I got a haircut! and i am feeling not only better!!! i think i look younger!!!

So introducing ritz on blog.. this is how i look now