Our TTC Timeline

The Ritzes 

Ritz age 33 diagnosed with PCOD and Thyroid

Man Ritz age 36  diagnosed with Varicocele, which led to low motility. He has had an operation and voila we have a rock star now.

We have been married for 7 years and trying to have a baby for 5 because its the best thing you can do with someone you love the most



Our TTC Timeline

August 2008 Get married to the man of my dreams in a hot and sultry climate in the middle of 500 guests

August 2008 – Sept 2009 get busy sorting our lives with challenging jobs and numbing recession as an added spice

Oct 2009  Kick recession in the ass, we buy our apartment!

Jan 2010 I go on birth control to regulate my cycles because eventually, we will need to start thinking TTC once we move in.

Sept 2010 kick off the birth control. We are not actively trying but not preventing either ;-).  2 friends announce their pregnancies

Jan 2011 visit gynae Dr. Lalitha Krishnan (mistake#1), get check ups done, get  straightaway  put on clomid without any follicular monitoring ( mistake I know man 😦 )

Jan 2011 – Sept 2011 stay on and off on Clomid all thru BFN. Around me, the whole world around seems pregnant

Sept 2011 Get frustrated, change gynae and run more tests.  Double whammy get diagnosed with thyroid and hubby has low motility of 20%

Sept 2011 – Dec 2011 We visit an endocrinologist and I am put on eltroxin to combat thyroid and metformin to combat PCOS. Darling hubby is referred to andrologist who advised more tests. We get more bad news low motility as well as DFI, hubby gets put on fertility injections  for 3 months

Jan 2012 husband’s numbers are no better 😥 motility only up to 30%. Andrologist  Dr Vasan (Mistake #2) from manipal hospital suggests IUI.

Jan 2012 – March 2012 We prep for first IUI, I get HSG done, and all sorts of tests AMH, FSH. LH, sugar. Thankfully everything is normal so go ahead for 1st IUI

April 2012 We get first and second IUI back to back in manipal hospital, under Beena vasan, she was not available after the consult to answer any questions or progress. The procedure was completely done by junior doctors. The cycle ended in  BFN

May 2012 – July 2012 I get delusional with TTC process, work is being a bitch so we decided to take it easy back to not trying actively and not preventing

August 2012 Rude awakening when people who were married much later than us gave news of pregnancy. We decide to start afresh new gynae, new andrologist, new job!!! The first good news in 2 years turns out hubby’s issue can be solved with varicocele operation. We get it done without fail Rs 40,000 in Fortis hospital under Dr Dinesh vaidya. Hallelujah, all is well with Man ritz’s swimmers the motility climbs up to 60%. I later scourge the internet to find Dr Vasan is just a money-minded prick who pushes people into infertility treatments, expensive medications which in total sums up to much more than a simple operation (mistake#2)

Sept 2012 – Feb 2013 This gynaecologist again puts me on clomid 100 mg, I continue with her as my old gynae (the one who discovered issues in thyroid) has shut shop.  We try and guess what BF******N

Feb 2013  Lord be praised I found my old gynaec she is consultig in a leading chain!!! Dr. Praveen Shenoy. She listens to my story and straightaway puts me in touch with another  RE Dr. Sumana Gurunath, start IUI’s once more

March 2013  IUI#3 BFN

April 2013  IUI #4 BFN

All medication stress and treatments my weight has shot up by 10 kgs

May 2013 – Sept 2013 loose 9 kgs, get ready for IUI # 5

Oct 2013 IUI#5 BFN

Enough is enough, its time to get started with IVF

Nov 2013 We move houses to be closer to work and clinic as IVF will require regular scans and daily injections. Along with this hubby gets a DFI test done, bad news we have fairly high fragmentation at 26%. He is put on antioxidants IVF gets pushed to Dec 2013

Dec 2013  Scheduled  IVF is delayed further because of a cyst. I started to bleed within 15 days into my cycle get a scan done to discover a 2*3mm cyst. IVF pushed to Jan 2014

Jan 2014  We get my dates, we get scan and the cyst is gone!!!! Yay!!!!  but wait for blocker#3 No IVF as during the time of my retrieval is downtime for Lab

Feb 2014– March 2014 We start with IVF#1 Hell Ya!!!!!  8 eggs retrieved, 6 mature however only 3 fertilized! 2 transferred, however, the eggs are not of the best quality we can get. In my 2 ww, I take the first week off work and go to work on second week. However, I start bleeding on 10DP3DT like bright red followed by clot. I take a pregnancy test and  its a BFP (OMG my first) immediately put on progesterone in oil injections

Beta #1 16.4 on 21/03, Beta #2 55 on 24/03, Beta #3 635  on 29/03. First scan 01/04 no sac is found beta is low at 936 we get slight spotting, continue with progesterone. Second scan on 04/04 we see early gestational sac say hello to junior!!!!!!.  We announce to the parent unit the same day, unfortunately, I continue to spot.  Doc gives up on pregnancy, asks to stop progesterone

7th April 2014  we lose junior

June 2014  New RE, fired the old one because she was super cold during our miscarriage. We get a TB biopsy and hysteroscopy done, thankfully all is well

July 2014  IVF#1.5 17 follicles, but none matured. I did not respond to themedication suggested by them. The Drs and the hospital were waste of time (mistake#3) you can read about it here. Cycle canceled due to poor response

August 2014 Shit at work hits the roof, i speak to man ritz and put down my papers as work kept hindering in TTC and our recovery from loss. I will serve a notice period of 3 months

August 2014 – Nov 2014 break from TTC and IVF cycle, quit the job and get back to our own apartment!!!!

Dec 2014 setting up our house and TTC on sly

Jan 2015  we are pregnant!!! the TTC on the sly worked!!! The HPT turns faint positive. I wait for 7 days take multiple tests all positive but Beta comes back negative – diagnosed Chemical Pregnancy

Feb 2015 – March 2015 irregular cycles

April 2015 on Birth control in hope to start IVF#2 in May 2015

May 2015 IVF #2  – 3 embryos transferred – Beta positive! and rising!

June 2015 – our first scan! We are pregnant with twins! Dichorionic and Diamnoitic twins! Due date is 28th January,

But wait, I am spotting. We decide to name twin A – Mahi and Twin B – Jammy

July 2015 – Twin A doesn’t make it, Mahi decides to leave us.

Dec 2015 – Babyritz is here! 18th Dec 2015! 6 weeks early a tiny boy of 2.1kgs







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