5 months :)

We are 5 months!!!!! yeah we spent a good 152 days on this earth :)!!!! I have been around, just post mom dad leaving all hell has broken loose!! I have no idea where allthe time goes!!!! 😀 Bubs is a hand full, he likes to talk play and is extremely fond of the idea... Continue Reading →

Typical Morning

Me:Good morning Neelu Neel: aggooooo Me: are u hungry Neel: ungaaaa Me: Ok lets feed u 1 hr later Me: Are u still hungry neel: (after a smile) ungaaaa 1 hr later me: Are u hungry Neel: *Silence* Me: Shall we Sleep Neel: scream fist fight scream Me: Enough sleep time cue begin rocking/patting Neel:... Continue Reading →

My baby is sick :(

We are battling with our first sickness and i wish it was a simple one like a common cold or a slight fever. But no my poor baby is battling with a a really aggressive case of UTI. On the saturday before the last 2 baby ritz was slightly cranky and clingy. I had dragged... Continue Reading →

Day 54 of Life ..

Today babyritz is celebrating day 54 of his life, that is how the docs in NICU measure my little bean once he was out in terms of days. All his report read day 7 of life these tests were done, he weighed so and so at day 10 of life. Initially when we got baby... Continue Reading →

We are there!

First 24 hours of being exclusively directly breastfed! As i type this my son is sitting with my dad and actually laughing! Like seriously! Yaya! We are currently running 40th week of GA with Thursday being our due date.. 🙂 so all on schedule for baby ritz

knock knock

I am back after a hiatus of almost a month. There is no other reason for my absence except it was festive season in India and i was busy with festivities in my giant pregnant belly. The another reason I was away from the blog was now i spend most of my online time looking... Continue Reading →

Nesting ?????

Off late I am having this weird aversion to dust or scatteredness or dirt in my house. I have no idea what to call this sudden urge to clean everything except nesting. Though according to norm nesting only appears in late second trimester or third trimester and definitely not this early. To my defense i... Continue Reading →

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