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I am back after a hiatus of almost a month. There is no other reason for my absence except it was festive season in India and i was busy with festivities in my giant pregnant belly. The another reason I was away from the blog was now i spend most of my online time looking... Continue Reading →

Nesting ?????

Off late I am having this weird aversion to dust or scatteredness or dirt in my house. I have no idea what to call this sudden urge to clean everything except nesting. Though according to norm nesting only appears in late second trimester or third trimester and definitely not this early. To my defense i... Continue Reading →


Its been a week since we lost baby m.. And barring occasional bouts of anxiety I am doing ok. I still have nightmares most of the nights and get up sweating or i still break down into a pool of tears when I see/think something related to my twins but during the day I am... Continue Reading →

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